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  1. juan hernandez
    October 19, 2014, 1:49 am

    I…. hi ans sorry to have to wright all of you again . but i have a matter that need attention . and every one of you refuse me to representative Diaz, Jose Felix with refugees to met with me to see how i can try to fix a problem , with the department of health , and help disabled people like me now i Am use voice and i am not able to filled out forms ,i use to have my mom do it for me but my brother pass away on july 4 last year and she is read shook about it and the whold family .so i try not to ask for help on this or to fill out compliant form on doctor that abuse there position .now that i have been talking with a lot of people in the department of health and how thay taks compliant and followed up on then .well this that a wast of money
    first as youknow i can;t fill the form out 2 thay don;t investigation 99% of the compliant thay get even tho you have to fill this out and pay for the paper you fill out to get notarized and mail is with sign request i can tell you that my mom hast done that a lot of times for what to receiving and fild that make me sick to my stomach , know that so many people get abuse
    and one of there ways to report this is misleading the people of this state , now the first time i wrote you was to try to get abill pass so all that not able to fill out this forms can say there instance ware thay get a abuse by the medical system with happen 24/7 i my self wasxin the hospital on the 15 i received a very bad head trama and my vision is comeing and going and my head is swelling well wile i was there i received a medical i am very alleged to and with my head tram my doctor say miracle you did die cause after thay gave the medical am alleged to the nurse was my consider about the phone calhe was on that me my mom wint up to him and told him imy son is have a alleged reaction and at that time i call here cause she was gone for 20 minutes well the nurse say well he can talk so there must not be anything wrong with him well she came back to the room and say let go to the er in the same hospital after so world ware wre sad that ask me to live even tho i was have a reaction so my mom took me to a different lisewith i think that the government made so hard that doctor can abuse anyone thay want and get away with it or kill anyone thay want to . i will wright agan and see if that department has start to ack like human and not 2 years old kids i do hope you do read this case i am going to send this email to a million people and i hope that will make you ask on this and do the right thing that all iam asking is that to much for for the position you hold as representative of the people in you county well it was for jose diaz felix and it not that hecdid have the time he refuse to met with me . i shure hope he don;t get elected i know not one of my famaly or any one that know won;t vote fore him a representative of the what every one tell me at lies he did lose 18000 vote i hope that make him lose we need people with respect in government position and i know i not from your stata but this is a nation wide matters that has to be address and not look over it happen in ever city and town . so please do think not just me but all the disabled people out there that live in the lowest income there is case thay hade life change to the point that . thay can’t spake up in some case a lot of people just give up or is that what you like to here am should the family did want to lose a love one case thay lost there self respect from the system and doctor just get tired of see that person and put in a spot that not even dog get treated that way am should you city nas the same problem and or just over look case no one speak up will i not afraid to speak up and i do stat for reform in the medical system and the people that are put in a position to help dut as in fl some fool pice a place hell with the rest of the people i do hope you have a heart and can see what i am asking
    thank you juan hernandez

    VA:F [1.9.17_1161]
    VA:F [1.9.17_1161]
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