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  1. Janet Vas
    July 16, 2014, 3:06 pm

    I would like to know how to get help if a defendant that is 18 years old tries to have a trial where he
    can finally have a chance to show his evidence yet not allowed due to tactics that involve an 17 year old informant that is mentally unfit and being pressured by the district attorney to do what ever necessarry to have arrests and this consists of informant shooting a gun in front of defendants home, Parent runs down after looking out the window and seeing this kid shooting in broad daylight
    this same kid shooting this gun two days later he is still trying to set my son into an arrest. On the 17th parent calls 911 to report how her son is nervous and hitting the wall looking out the peekwhole but too scared to tell me crying yet not allowed to discuss this in trial, the police come assure me they going to make sure he is taken to the hospital, when I arrive he is not there. On the 22 nd my son is arrested with informant yet not put together or arraigned together. Same day of the arrest, We are outside the courtroom and this kid is coming outside the courtroom with detective Blondie walking him into a car. He tells me
    how this detective is taking him to bellevue, my son did not know this kid for more than weeks the kids in the neighborhood came to court to testify how he had tried to do setups to them yet not allowed in court. Every motion denied!! Phone kept as evidence yet also not allowed to be displayed to
    show how this kid kept harrassing him, but my son has now been in jail for 3 years in a prison that have life prisoners and all kinds of prisoners. My son at the age of 14 called 911 and they turned everything around he was not aware of the system and that was the biggest mistake of his life because they made this a family court issue but this was his only past and now this terrible set up , The community needs to haves e senators that are active in helping their communtiy
    and if this keeps getting covered and not allowed to be stopped that means theres no true concern for us. I wrote so much more but erased it because I am scared of what these people are capable of doing. I just have to do something and for Judges to be allowed to cover up and continue having these terrible tactics that to me just shows a lot of hatred and evilness, how can you not allow someone as young as this kid knowing he was set up and not allowing for jurors to hear the truth of the case, wow!

    VA:F [1.9.17_1161]
    VA:F [1.9.17_1161]
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